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Margie Mersky has been an artist her entire life and has thirty years of experience in the jewelry industry. She is an accomplished wax model maker, custom jewelry designer, painter, illustrator, and wax sculptor. Her work is incredibly detail-oriented and can be appreciated from a distance as well as under magnification. Starting from her early years of winning multiple high school art competitions she realized that living the dream of being a professional artist was all that mattered.


Margie also spent many years painting while studying and photographing landscapes as well as old barns in the countryside of Pennsylvania. In 1984 after the sudden death of her talented younger brother Bill, who was studying to become a jeweler, she was drawn by his memory into the world of custom jewelry design and began to focus on the miniature world of the industry. His spirit is with her constantly.

After many years of hard work and repetitive lessons in jewelry manufacturing and production as well as precise soldering and polishing of precious metals, Margie opened her own jewelry artist studio and began sub-contracting design projects for larger jewelry companies. She has also been a licensed instructor for the state of Minnesota teaching jewelry design and rendering, and hand carved wax models. Her first love is to work with customers or students to help them achieve their dreams of creating unique jewelry. 

Her motto is: never compromise quality for speed. She will make sure the designs that she makes can, and will, be admired for many generations to come.

Margie will tell you, "Yes, jewelry can last forever if it is made well."

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