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Wax Carving Essentials with Margie Mersky

Join Margie in Washington, D.C. for an intensive three day workshop in wax carving essentials

September 9, 2017 through September 11, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily.

Workshop cost: $485 (all materials included and a lunch will be provided)


In the three day wax carving class we will learn about the uses of all tools as well as several different types of carving wax, inlay wax, and injection waxes. The design process applied to carving wax models will be an open ended discussion throughout our class. All questions and ideas are encouraged.

Our projects will include the use of your pictures and sketches to create the wax models and miniature sculptures. Four issued specific wax carving projects or more will be initiated during our three days of learning. More will be added depending upon student speed of execution. Four rings of your choice in design theme are also to be carved, each with a different stone shape. Additional wax model projects such as charms, pendants, earrings will also be included in our class depending upon the level of skill of each student.

Please bring your sketch pads filled with ideas, questions, and stories about who you are and what you wish to achieve during our time together. The sky is the limit and the time in class is yours to use as you wish.

Hamilton Hall Trip

Margie Mersky

On September 27th 2015 I was present for a  beautiful award ceremony at Hamilton Hall in Salem, MA.

I was chosen to hand carve the master wax model, which is an exact replica of the Samuel McIntire Eagle. It was then made into a beautiful lapel pin. These pins were given to major donors and other key supporters of the eagle preservation campaign. It's quite an honor to participate in present history as well as the future history of our country. Here is a link to the Hamilton Hall website page:

heritage eagle

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