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The ring that Margie Mersky made for me is absolutely awesome! Even though the Celtic ring on her webpage was already stunning, I encouraged her to go ahead and further enhance its beauty. These changes were not disclosed to me until the ring was delivered. The addition of the black enamel on the white gold made her work of art even more spectacular! Margie is great to work with and I highly recommend her services!

~~ Julie ~~


Margie, Margie, Margie! I have my/our ring that has your talent and spirit in it. It is lovely, and honestly this addition makes a very beautiful difference. Thank you so, so much. I will look forward to receiving even more compliments on it, but mainly they will come from me. I love looking at it and all that it represents.

~~ Delrena ~~


I just finished a hand carved wax of three ladies heads (very tiny heads), and I used a new carving wax called DeepDetail. ( I have been carving wax for over 35 years, and I was so impressed with this wax, I had to tell everyone.

I got a sample about a year ago, and when this project came up, the inventor, Margie Mersky, suggested I try it. It is sooooo smooth. Like butter. And easy to repair as well. It is by far the best, easiest to work with, carving wax I have ever used. And yes, I have used a lot of different waxes. If you have a sample, try it. If you don't have any, get some. I know you will like it.

No affiliation. Just very impressed. And it takes a lot to impress me.

Kindest regards,
~~~ Stuart A., Designer ~~~


Just wanted to let you know that we have an unbelievable wax carver in our midst here on Orchid [Open Electronic Forum for Jewelry Manufacturing Methods and Procedures]. Her name is Margie Mersky, and ... I was looking for a carver a few months ago and found her right here.

She recently completed a wax model of a belt buckle for me, and I am completely astonished by the incredible detail of her work. There were many small details in this buckle design, and she replicated them EXACTLY. I mean EXACTLY. I am actually astonished that anyone could replicate all of those little details by hand. The woman is a genius, and I rarely use that term.

This sounds like a commercial, but I have no affiliation at all with Margie other than being a fully satisfied customer of hers. This is the 3rd project she's done for me, and she's been a pleasure to work with every time. On top of that, the quality of her work is INCREDIBLE.



Thank you so much for inventing it! I've been looking for a wax that can capture the finest details as I love to carve small animals and this is the best I've come across that carves like a dream! I'm excited to see how my castings turn out.


Mike M

I do a lot of CAD/CAM work for the jewelry industry and I use Margie’s Deep Detail wax almost exclusively on my Revo B mill. The wax mills crisply and cleans easily. Even the finest details are easy to see in the wax, so it is great to show off the capabilities of the mill. Margie’s wax is easy to burn out for casting and even re-melts well so that I can make my own sheet out of the scraps. I highly recommend Margie’s Deep Detail wax for any mill!

Mike Magee

Dolmen Metalworks Fine jewelry & custom creations


Had an amazing day yesterday! I spent the afternoon with Margie Mersky learning wax carving and talking!!!

She's an amazing artist, great teacher and font of knowledge!!

Thanks Margie!!

I highly recommend her!



I'd like to add to John's recommendation, that in addition to Margie Mersky's incredible artistic skills she brings to all her wax creations, she's also successfully formulated a superior carving wax which she sells on the same web site.

She calls it "Deep Detail" wax - and for a very good reason! The models shown on her site, as well as the finished jewelry, were created using this very wax.

I personally use this wax and recommend it for most casting applications. I've also used it with great success in creating larger pieces requiring both shaping and hollowing via a lathe setup rigged from a flex shaft. I love the consistency it has for both carving and build-up. AND, it does indeed, make it easier to see the minute details being created onto the surface of the wax while carving. If you haven't tried it, do yourself a favor and GET SOME! I think you'll be delighted with results!

(No affiliation with Margie other than being another satisfied customer. LOVE that Deep Detail wax!)


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